In the grimy midnight world of the Australian suburbs, there are those who serve an unseen, wish-granting force that watches from a sub-spatial realm. A force known primarily as 'The Magician.'


MIKE HADLEY is an Executive in The Magician's mysterious collective; a man with no past and no direction. A phone call at the end of every day wipes his memory clean.


When a job goes bad, Mike is left for dead by his partner Tommy, and an opportunistic fugitive Harper Ivey rescues Mike -- hoping to use him as a means to hit back at the organisation responsible for the disappearance of his sister. Without his daily phone call -- Mike gradually recovers his haunted past in his dreams; discovering monstrous secrets about himself and the people he works for.

What he finds will stretch the limits of the imagination, and reveal a hungering darkness that lays claim to the ultimate fate of all conscious life.

Maul Allan Hewish is proud to present his debut feature length novel, haunted with disturbing secrets that fight nail and claw to stay buried, penned with scathing prose that holds no punches, fans of Nick Cutter, Scott Sigler, and Clive Barker will adore this instant cult classic! 

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