Are we controlled by TIME's callous whims? An unyielding, enslaving construct, trapping us within unstoppable second-hands.

Or is TIME an illusion? Changing the continuum's flow, we unlock forbidden power and break our servitude to existence's linear chains. 

The future affects the past. ON TIME features seventy-four stories that fling us forwards, promise progress while dropping destruction, and replay our regrets. 

Will we learn from our mistakes or must we forever remain TIME's servant? 

Features the short story "CHILD PROCESS"



A parallel dimension exists below the surface of reality.Its doors swing open every time we sleep, allowing us passage into the land of DREAMS, a plane rich with exotic fantasy and limitless bliss. Within this wonder world, however, lurk dark corridors and terrible creatures—some unfortunate travelers never escape the NIGHTMARES waiting in the shadows.


Many have tried bridging our worlds. Seekers and wise men have meditated for VISIONS and ingested intoxicants for HALLUCINATIONS in hopes that the veil between our realms will thin, allowing access to all the thrills, joys, and horrors beyond our senses.


TRANSCENDENT is an open gate, a gangway linking our realm to the shimmering sphere where nothing is certain and anything is possible.

Features the short story "REMEMBER BACKWARDS"


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